NEW CT Tag and Tutorial "waiting for summer" 
for Amy Marie's kits
'Strawberry dreams"
at SATC and PFD
with the new tube "waiting for summer"  by Zlata_M at PFD  

template to use for this tag 
download it here

This tut is a personal creation on PS CS6, it cannot be copied 
and any resemblance is completely fortuitous.
**To realize this tag you will need you to get**
 PTU Amy Marie's "Strawberry dreams" kit 
PTU tube "waiting for summer" by Zlata_M
my FTU template 3 here
and  Line after Line font available at  
Open your template place first the element 77 of the kit,
then the template layer 1, apply a blue color, emboss,overlay, add dropped shadow
template layer 2 creamy white and little grainy and dropped shadow, template layer 3 add dropped shadow, inner shadow and apply a facet effect kaleidoscope color( white blue and pink) 
filters>mosaic tiles,template layer 4 add dropped shadow and emboss on a light brown color,
on template layer 6 choose a light grey color and apply inner shadow, place the close shot of your tube above the layer 6 and apply a clipping mask, you will need to duplicate the layer and erase the part outside the star shape except for the top of the hair so it looks like a out of bounds effect, now we are going to place the following elements of your kit on the left part of the tag : 
79, 35, 40, 43, 47, 57, 37, 93, 89,46 and at the end the element 127 ( starry effect ), 
resize them and arrange them as needed : i wanted them to look like a bunch of strawberries.
Then for the text choose Line after Line font size 72 and apply a matching creamy transparent color with a little emboss and bevel, place it on the left upper part of the tag when you finish you can apply a porcelain effect with a porcelain filter or create one in photoshop : let's do that to the part you want to get the effect or to the whole  part, if you want that  you need to apply it to the jpg saved file :
press crtl+u and set the saturation to -100. Then press ctrl+l to go to levels and drag the middle slider almost all the way to the left. Copy your photo layer and set blend mode to overlay. Go to "filter" > "blur" > "gaussian blur" and set to 12 px.
Your tag is now ready : do not forget to save it in . jpg or in .png and do not forget to add the required copyrights and licenses on your realization.
Thanx to have followed this tut, I hope you appreciated it :)

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