New CT Tag and Tutorial for Jay Trembly
New Jay Trembly PTU Tube "Almost Alive":
and  PO-Concept PTU kit "Alabaster&Shadows":
both at SATC

for Jay Trembly CT

This tut is a personal creation on PS CS6, it cannot be copied and any resemblance is completely fortuitous.
**To realize this tag you will need you to get**
Jay Trembly PTU Tube "Almost Alive" 
and PO-Concept PTU kit "Alabaster & Shadows" at SATC
and  "Veron extra" font available at   
---let's go---
 Open a file 650x650 in Photoshop
Open your kit and place first the papers : First paper 1 and second, paper 16, then the following elements : element 14  and add drop shadow, element 80, 49, 8, 46, element 82 and add drop shadow, element 41, for element 2 you need to duplicate it and place it as shown, then element 17, now you can open your tube and place the entire body tube in the middle slightly on the right, then the elements 40, 47, 43, 42 and  55. You need now to write the name you chose in font  Veron Extra size 86 color of your choice,  for the bottom right one i chose black , i added emboss and drop shadow, for the upper right corner one purple and emboss and drop shadow, now you need to  place the closest shot of tube on the left in the middle, duplicate it and apply opacity 37, erase the parts that go out the frame,  there is a mask in the background if you want to realize the same effect add a mask of your choice, i applied a paper of the kit on it, here it's paper 1, Click on mask layer ctrl+A, ctrl+C, click on the paper , then click on Q( quick mask mode) then ctrl+V and Q again, now you can see your selection area and click add layer mask, right click on paper layer-->smart object. Right click again, delete the background layer and apply your mask and resize a little.  
At last, place the  element 5 of your kit.
The elements need to be placed as shown and resize them slightly.

If you want to have a porcelain effect you can add a porcelain filter.
Your tag is now ready : do not forget to save it in . jpg or in .png and do not forget to add the required copyrights and licenses on your realization.
Thanx to have followed this tut, I hope you appreciated it :)

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