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This tut is a personal creation on PS CS6, it cannot be copied and any resemblance is completely fortuitous.
**To realize this cover you will need you to get**
 PTU kit  "Frostine" by PO-Concept here 
PTU tube "Snow Queen" by The Hunter here
and  "Typewriter from hell" font available at 

---let's go---
 Open a file 851x315 in Photoshop
First place your paper : open your kit and choose paper pp5, this one 'll create this perfect wintery background with some icy ferns, place it as you like, for the settings do as shown here :


 now you need now to place your tube one in the middle , one on the right and one on the top left as shown on the pic the one in the top left .
 , then elements 2, on the right lower part of the pic and 32, 37 and 42 as shown on the pic, then place your text font is "Typewriter from Hell", it's the one used for the quote and the word snow, quote size is : 18,   word snow size is : 60 for sno and 160  for W
 color of your choice , 
here a  bright glittery outlined  size 1
The elements need to be resized slightly.
Your cover is now ready : do not forget to save it in . jpg or in .png and do not forget to add the required copyrights and licenses on your realization.
Thanx to have followed this tut, I hope you appreciated it :)

some tags and the timeline cover for you :)
please don't denature or alter in anyway
Enjoy :)

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